Brumleve Standard Steel Tarp Bow with Elbows **

Product Description
$ 40.20
  • Galvanized Steel Tube
  • Adjustable 84-100 inches
  • Available for 96 and 102 inch wide Trailers
  • Easy Install and Removal without Tools

Our best selling Brumleve Standard Steel Tarp Bow with Elbowsis built in-house and combines the best of both quality and price. Designed to be adjustable in order to properly fit varying width trailers, it easily slides in and out of the bow bracketsto allow for quick install and removal without tools.

Made with 14 gauge galvanized steel tubing, this tarp bow is made for most work environments.


  • 1 - Standard Steel Tarp Bow
  • 2 - 12 inch Long Elbows/Bow Shanks shipped unattached.


A Set Screw is installed on one end to allow for length adjustments. This is useful if your trailer isn't exactly 96 inches wide.


  1. Weld one elbow/shank on the end without the Set Screw. Insert at least 4 inches of the elbow inside the tarp bow for strength support.
  2. Insert the other elbow and loosen the Set Screw to adjust the length so the tarp bow fits securely inside the brackets mounted to the inside of the trailer.
  3. Once it is properly fitted inside the brackets, tighten the Set Screw to secure the length.

Please note our tarp bows do not ship with the elbow welded in. The images are only used to show what the finished tarp bow should look like when assembled.

Manufacturer : Brumleve