Latch Plate, Roll Tube, and Fixed Tube

When working as a project manager on a construction site, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure your rate materials are protected. Keeping them inside a trailer protects them from the elements, but you need an effective roll tarp system for better cargo protection. We recommend choosing vinyl material to withstand any weather conditions. 

The best rolling tarp system doesn't just help your truck engine — it also extends the service life of your trailer. When lifting heavy materials, the pressure may damage your vehicle's joints. With a good tarp system, you'll be more productive and your truck will be better protected.

What Is a Latch Plate and What's Its Function in the Roll Tarp System?

A latch plate is either welded or bolted to your vehicle to ensure your tarp is tightly sealed to your truck. You need a high-quality latch plate to cover and prep any load for transport. Securing your materials will provide you the reassurance that everything is fully secure, regardless of conditions on the road.

Materials Commonly Used for Roll Tubes and Their Benefits

The roll tube is used to let the tarp properly close and securely lock in place under the latch plate, ensuring an effective roll tarp system. Some of the materials used for roll tubes include galvanized steel with more zinc to prevent moisture problems. The steel protects your tarp system, especially in extreme weather. Other roll tubes are made with aluminum and coated with powder to prevent rusting or corrosion. 

Significance of Fixed Tube in Roll Tarp Systems

The fixed tube is an important component of your roll tarp system, as it helps secure the passenger side of the tarp to your truck. Look for a durable, high-quality fixed tube made with galvanized tubing to ensure it lasts years.

Do you need materials or parts for your roll tarp installation or maintenance? Brumleve has been selling replacement parts, roll tarp systems and hardware since 1904. Contact us today to browse our wide selection of cargo solutions.

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Latch Plate and Tube

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