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Dump Truck & Trailer Bed Liners

Whether you want a great investment to extend the life of your dump trailer bed or dump truck bed or whether you need your bed to be up to code in order to haul asphalt, Brumleve Industries can outfit your truck or trailer with the perfect bed liner for you. Our company offers top-of-the-line quality material in trailer liners for on-site measuring and installation.

A Precision Fit

At Brumleve, we know your trailer liners must fit perfectly. That’s why our on-site professionals in Teutopolis, IL have been trained to measure your trailer truck properly in order to deliver that custom fit on your dump truck bed.

Honest, Reliable Lead Times

At Brumleve, our word is our commitment. We take pride in providing reliable lead times for our customers, whether you are right here in Effingham County, the greater Midwest or beyond. When we give you a lead time on dump trailer liners, you can count on it.

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Which Liner is Right for You?

Interested in saving money and installing the bed liner yourself?

Click a brand image below to order a bed liner custom fit for your truck or trailer.

Brand Use
Durapro Liner Economical liner designed to make your job easier by providing a slick surface for your loads to flow faster. DURAPRO liners are made with industrial strength UHMW with added silicone and UV protectors. They are a very durable solution to your hauling needs and also bottom-line friendly in cost. Available in 3/8 and 1/2 inch thickness up to 16 feet wide.
Haulk Abrasive Liner Heavy-duty liner designed to handle abrasive hauling applications such as pig iron, bottom ash, riprap, auto fluff, and highly abrasive glass or stone. Haulk UHMW bed liners are formulated with glass beads throughout for extreme abrasion resistance and impact strength. They are UV stabilized to extend its working life even more. Haulk liners are lightweight and a less expensive alternative to stainless steel floors, plus they provide much better release and more protection. They are good up to 180 degrees, so not to be used in hot asphalt applications. Available in 3/8 and 1/2 inch thickness up to 16 feet wide.
QuickSilver Asphalt Liner Versatile liner engineered to withstand harsh field conditions and handle any kind of bulk material. QuickSilver UHMW-PE liners are specially designed to handle hot asphalt one day and sand, gravel, aggregate, lime, and topsoil the next. QuickSilver is the ONLY liner with a temperature rating high enough to handle hot asphalt. Available in 3/8 and 1/2 inch thickness up to 16 feet wide. NOTE: only 1/2 inch thick is available for hauling hot asphalt.

Line Your Dump Truck or Dump Trailer with Brumleve Today!

For the best in dump truck liners, outstanding installation and friendly service, choose Brumleve Industries today. As a family-owned manufacturing company that has served Central IL since 1904, you can count on our dedication to quality and friendly service. Contact us online, or call 800-937-0058 today. Or, if you are interested in learning more about the other products and services Brumleve Industries offers to customers in Central Illinois and beyond, please visit our pages on aluminum boxes, electric tarp systems, crank manual tarp systems, awnings & industrial curtains, metal fabrication, metal supply and hardware.