Aluminum Boxes

Large Custom Aluminum Shipping Boxes & Storage Containers

Building custom aluminum boxes is one of our unique specialties at Brumleve Industries. Different than your standard size aluminum box manufacturers, we concentrate on custom sizes. Whatever size, shape, weight or function, Brumleve Industries will work with you to create the aluminum storage solution to fit your needs.


The only thing standard about our custom aluminum boxes is the Brumleve dedication to quality. We believe your end product should look great and function well. That is why Brumleve Industries is committed to building containers that are:

  • Durable - Using heavy duty, rust-resistant .125 gauge aluminum for the container and continuous aluminum for the door hinges, each of our custom aluminum boxes will provide years of protection.
  • Waterproof - Featuring solid welded seams and a rubber gasket seal, our containers are sure to keep your cargo clean and dry.
  • Practical - Each of our custom aluminum boxes comes with mounting brackets inside the box for easy installation and maximum visual appeal.

Our custom aluminum storage boxes are manufactured to meet your specific needs. That means you won't have wasted storage space from containers that are too big or need to cram items into containers that are too small. Our custom aluminum transport boxes are made to fully protect your investment, whether you are storing on site or transporting to another location.

Options for customization include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sizes ranging from 18x18x24 to 24x36x72
  • Upgrading material to polished aluminum or stainless steel
  • Door openings: top-down, bottom-up, side, or cabinet/barn upgrade
  • Door support: cables or gas-charged lift supports
  • Installation, mounting to a truck or trailer

Brumleve also offers custom designs for LoadLocker® Aluminum Saddle Boxes in a variety of sizes, including steps, steel or aluminum mount brackets, and aluminum deck plates.

Protects Your Investment From Temperature Extremes

Aluminum is insensitive to temperature extremes and keeps its integrity over a wide range of temperatures. It won't become brittle in the cold or assume a distorted shape in the heat. As a container, aluminum efficiently transports heat away from electronics and other equipment. Our cases are excellent for RFI/EMI shielding and controlling electrostatic discharge. Aluminium also has high reflectivity so it doesn't absorb radiating heat from sunlight.

Ideal for Harsh Environments

In addition to their corrosion resistance, aluminum shipping containers are resistant to impacts, fractures and breakage. We can also fit them with options to make them watertight, splash-proof and drip-proof as well as make them impervious to salt spray.