Dump Trailer Tarp System


Protect your product.
Update your Dump Trailer Tarp System to the best system on the market. When you’re figuring out the logistics for hauling and delivering your product, protecting both your driver and your cargo is of utmost importance. Our line of dump trailer tarp systems makes that possible!


Our line of dump trailer tarp systems, made out of USA Nylon and attached with Kwik-Lock Tarp Systems are ideal for anyone who hauls dirt, gravel, rock or asphalt on their dump trailers. It doesn’t matter how your dump trailer is designed, our quality materials and team of professional installers can ensure that your cargo and your driver is safe during transportation.

Dump Trailer Tarps Features

The safety aspect of dump trailer tarps is the biggest benefit of using them. They help keep cargo contained, preventing it from going all over the roadway or on other cars or trucks. As any driver knows, flying cargo can be dangerous, putting the lives of the dump trailer driver and other drivers and passengers at risk as they share the roadway. This can especially be the case if the vehicles are moving at a higher rate of speed.


Brumleve offers 100% nylon heavy-duty trailer covers, which protect cargo from flying out and keep it from getting wet, thanks to its waterproof design. The tarps are also tear-resistant, so winds or sharp debris won’t inadvertently create a gash in the material.


Professional installation is available, allowing for a secure, worry-free set-up on any dump trailer. Experts can offer maintenance tips for dump tarp usage and advice about properly utilizing secure fastening mechanisms for dump tarps to ensure correct operation during every trip.


Kwik-Lock by Brumleve

100% Nylon Tarp

We see how important your product is to the world. For that, we only use USA Nylon to build your tarp. Over 2x stronger than standard polyester, our 100% Nylon Tarps are both tear-resistant and waterproof.

Heavy Duty Hardware

We understand that farming is not clean and easy. We design all of our Kwik-Lock Tarp System components to withstand the harshest of environments while lasting a lifetime.

Professional Installation

We know every dump trailer is built differently. Our team of professional installers is trained and equipped to handle any install.

Call us today at 800-937-0058 or email us at info@brumleveind.com.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your cargo with a professionally installed Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System. Whether it is bad weather or flying debris, our 100% waterproof nylon tarp will keep your product dry and safe inside.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Not only does your investment in a new Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System protect your cargo, it protects your driver as well. Our rust-resistant hardware allows your tarp system to operate safely and reliably every time.

Trust Our Work

From Brent and Killbros to Parker and Unverferth, our professional team of installers are trained and equipped to install your new Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System. Call us today at 800-937-0058.