Farm Truck Tarp System


Protect your product.
Update your Farm Truck System to the best tarp system on the market. It’s important that the tarp system on your farm truck is just as dependable as your truck and trailer. Made out of USA Nylon and attached with the heavy duty hardware of the Kwik-Lock Tarp System, our farm truck tarp systems are some of the best in the industry.


Farm Truck Tarp Systems are designed for the men and women whose dedication to farming keeps food on America’s tables. Even if you don’t haul your harvest yourself, our farm truck tarp systems are designed to protect you crops when someone else transports your cargo from point A to point B. Thanks to the material of the tarp itself and the durability of the hardware that holds it in place, our tarp systems are made for all of your farming transport needs.


Benefits of Our Farm Truck Tarps

For one, you'll prevent flying debris when you opt for one of our farming equipment tarps.

Our waterproof farming tarps also shield the cargo from the elements, which is particularly beneficial as you work during unpredictable weather conditions. One moment, it may be sunny; however, a few hours later, your haul could be vulnerable to rain.


Agricultural tarps protect against theft. A cover is even beneficial against the critters trying to help themselves to your harvest.


Other benefits of farm equipment covers include the following:

Remain compliant with laws regarding grain hauling

Protect your haul against debris and other dangers

Keep the contents secure

Safeguard against vandalism


Farm Truck Tarps Features

We offer various crop protection solutions, including waterproof farming tarps that protect the contents from rain, sleet and snow. As we talk about weather-resistant crop covers, we must note the UV-resistant agricultural covers we offer.

Our heavy-duty farming equipment tarps are also durable and eco-friendly, so you can benefit the environment while having a cover that'll survive the test of time.

Plus, because we offer customizable farm tarps, you can find the exact one you need for whatever you plan to use it for.  


Kwik-Lock by Brumleve

100% Nylon Tarp

We see how important your product is to the world. For that, we only use USA Nylon to build your tarp. Over 2x stronger than standard polyester, our 100% Nylon Tarps are both tear-resistant and waterproof.

Heavy Duty Hardware

We understand that farming is not clean and easy. We design all of our Kwik-Lock Tarp System components to withstand the harshest of environments while lasting a lifetime.

Professional Installation

We know every farm truck is built differently. Our team of professional installers is trained and equipped to handle any install.

Call us today at 800-937-0058 or email us at

Protect Your Investment

Protect your cargo with a professionally installed Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System. Whether it is bad weather or flying debris, our 100% waterproof nylon tarp will keep your product dry and safe inside.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Not only does your investment in a new Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System protect your cargo, it protects your driver as well. Our rust-resistant hardware allows your tarp system to operate safely and reliably every time.

Trust Our Work

From Brent and Killbros to Parker and Unverferth, our professional team of installers are trained and equipped to install your new Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System. Call us today at 800-937-0058.