Hand Crank Tarp System Replacement Parts

When you haul loads in a dump truck, your cargo might not be level. You may also need to drive a truck with trailers that contain unusually shaped or sized loads. In such cases, getting a tarp over the cargo can be a challenge. We're proud to make premium crank handles and other crucial replacement parts that make it easy to roll and unroll the tarp.  Read More

Our crank-style roller is weather-resistant thanks to our plated stainless steel cranks that can handle any conditions. Our rollers are also resistant to automotive fluids, road salt, and other chemical exposures. Our hand-crank tarp parts roll smoothly and require minimal maintenance, so you can feel confident in choosing Brumleve parts for your replacement.

How Our Hand-Crank Tarp System Parts Help You Save Time

Our quality hand-crank tarp system parts do their part to reduce downtime. You won't have to spend as much time setting up and taking down the tarp, meaning you'll be able to get on the road faster. You also won't have to worry about the tarp blowing away or shifting.

The hand crank system offers easy access for folding the tarp back to access the cargo. When you're dropping off loads to different places, this helps to simplify the process because you won't have to remove the entire tarp.

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Crank Tarp System

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