Timpte Tarp Bow Kits and Parts

Since 1904, family-owned Brumleve has provided our valued customers with trailer tarps and tarp system parts made from high-quality standard or reinforced steel and other fine materials with expert fabrication and quality craftsmanship.

Our line of Timpte Tarp Bow Kits prevent tarp flapping and keep trailer tarps and contents in place. The kits come in lengths to fit Timpte hopper trailers between 96 and 102 inches wide. These 8-inch-rise bow kits come in galvanized steel for hardiness and durability. The reinforced bow kits have a strut for extra side-to-side tarp support, and both types of kits include a chain and retaining pins. 

Timpte Roll Tube Deflectors protect the trailer side wall and marker lights from being hit by the tarp roll pipe during operation. Made of high-impact black plastic, the deflector reduces dings and scratches on trailers. 

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