Aero Tarp Systems Replacement Parts by Brumleve Industries

Aero tarp systems consist of quality vinyl tarps and fitment materials to provide protection for your goods, whether you need a weatherproof barrier to store goods on or under, or whether the system is used for the transport of goods. Some of the parts in the range are susceptible to wear and tear, and may need replacement more regularly than the rest. At Brumleve Industries, we offer parts such as:

  • Double spiral steel torsion spring
  • 6 AWG dual conductor wire (20 feet)
  • 12V DC rocker switch
  • Circuit breaker for electric roll tarp system
  • RDCC kit 50 AMP with breaker
  • 12V DC reversing solenoid
  • 14 AWG electrical wire (20 feet)

Why Choose Brumleve Industries for Aero Tarp Systems?

At Brumleve Industries, we stock premium quality replacement parts to assist a range of tarp systems. We offer solutions that will assist with the following:

  • Dump truck tarp systems
  • Trailer tarp systems
  • Truck tarps

Our replacement parts assist with electric tarp systems or those that work with manual tarp kits. Our quality electric tarp system replacement parts address common part failures such as circuit breakers and switches. The speed with which your tarp system operates determines the safe transport of your goods, and when you have the right replacement parts, it can make a world of difference.

Contact our team at (217) 857-3777 or to order your Aero tarp systems replacement parts today.

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Double Spiral Steel Torsion Spring

Electric Tarp System

$ 36.30
6 AWG Dual Conductor Wire - 20 feet

Electric Tarp System

$ 76.00
12V DC Rocker Switch

Electric Tarp System

$ 51.30
12V DC Reversing Solenoid

Electric Tarp System

$ 143.80
14 AWG Electrical Wire - 20 feet

Electric Tarp System

$ 50.00
RDCC Kit 50 Amp w/ Breaker

Electric Tarp System

$ 181.30