Gravity Wagon & Grain Cart Tarps


Protect your product.
Update your grain cart or gravity wagon to the best crank tarp system on the market.


Benefits of a Gravity Wagon Tarp

As you're hauling your crop or fertilizer, a gravity wagon tarp will protect it from the weather so you can continue working even if the weather conditions aren't ideal, such as rain or extreme heat. You can also shield the contents from thieves, pests and other potential harm.

Gravity Wagon Tarp Features

Using one of our gravity wagon tarps will protect it from the weather, including rain, sleet and snow, optimizing crop preservation. They're also UV-resistant tarps, meaning a long day out in the sun is no match for them.  


Our crop protection solutions include UV-resistant tarps that handle being out in the sun all day, no matter how long you work. Plus, we use nothing but high-quality tarp materials that'll hold up to rugged use. In fact, we offer tear-resistant grain car covers as well as tear-resistant ones for gravity wagons.


These covers are also well-ventilated, allowing the contents to receive adequate air.


We should note that our tarps use secure fastening mechanisms, ensuring the cover stays on. Plus, because we offer customizable agricultural tarps, you can find exactly what you're looking for.


Kwik-Lock by Brumleve

100% Nylon Tarp

We see how important your product is to the world. For that, we only use USA Nylon to build your tarp. Over 2x stronger than standard polyester, our 100% Nylon Tarps are both tear-resistant and waterproof.

Heavy Duty Hardware

We understand that farming is not clean and easy. We design all of our Kwik-Lock Tarp System components to withstand the harshest of environments while lasting a lifetime.

Professional Installation

We know every grain cart is built differently. Our team of professional installers is trained and equipped to handle any install.

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Protect Your Investment

Protect your cargo with a professionally installed Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System. Whether it is bad weather or flying debris, our 100% waterproof nylon tarp will keep your product dry and safe inside any and all grain carts.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Not only does your investment in a new Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System protect your cargo, it protects your driver as well. Our rust-resistant hardware allows your tarp system to operate safely and reliably every time.

Trust Our Work

From Brent and Killbros to Parker and Unverferth, our professional team of installers are trained and equipped to install your new Kwik-Lock Crank Tarp System. Call us today at 800-937-0058.