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Metal Fabrication

Custom Product Design and Make

Through the use of equipment and highly skilled professionals, Brumleve Industries provides precision metal fabrication services to customers in Central Illinois and across the United States. Whether fabricating primarily with aluminum, steel or stainless steel, we can fabricate to any specification. We also have the ability to work with plastic, wood and glass. Whether it’s waterjet cutting and plasma cutting, or simply welding, grinding and bending, Brumleve has the resources to turn your design or prototype into a real product.


CNC Waterjet Cutting

As of 2012, Brumleve Industries has offers state-of-the-art waterjet cutting services. This cutting edge metal fabrication technology has a number of advantages:

  • Precision - Our waterjet cutting service is extremely accurate and precise. It can cut 9-inch steel down to .001 of an inch.
  • No Heat-Affected Zones - Waterjet cutting does not burn or melt what it cuts, so it is the perfect tool for materials that generally are sensitive to high temperatures.
  • Speed - Waterjet cutting is quick and allows for faster production, which translates into lower production costs and higher profits.
  • Versatility - Waterjet cutting allows you to cut any shape or design on a wide range of materials.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Brumleve also offers traditional CNC plasma cutting services for aluminum, stainless steel and steel. From plasma cut to shear and bending, we have the highest quality computerized equipment.

MIG & TIG Welding

If you require welding for farm repairs or bodywork, Brumleve craftsmen are skilled and equipped to perform MIG & TIG welding on a variety of metal products.

Manufacture your Product with Brumleve Today!

From custom individual pieces to small batch manufacturing, Brumleve Industries has the metal fabrication capacities and craftsmen to meet your needs. Contact Brumleve online or call 800-937-0058. To learn about our other products and services, visit our pages on trailer liners, electric tarp systems, manual crank systems, custom aluminum boxes, awnings & industrial curtains, metal supply and hardware.