Brumleve® Kwik-Lock® Easy Off Tarp Stop Assembled

Product Description
$ 17.80

Our Brumleve® Kwik-Lock® Assembled Easy-Off Tarp Stop is widely used with most side-to-side roll tarp systems.  Used to keep your open rolled tarp off the edge of your trailer and tarp bows, our Brumleve® Kwik-Lock® Easy-Off Tarp Stops are assembled here in the USA and built to last.

Choose between our Standard (3 inch relief) and Offset (6 inch relief).

A common strategy we see among side-to-side roll tarp systems is having standard 3" offset tarp stops for the length of the trailer, but use a wide 6" offset tarp stop for the rear stop.  This allows your roll tube to roll further off the back edge of the trailer, allowing for an easier tailgate operation.


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Manufacturer : Brumleve Kwik-Lock