Kwik-Lock™ Easy-Off Tarp Stop Aluminum Upright

Product Description
$ 10.99

Our Kwik-Lock™ Easy-Off Tarp Stop Aluminum Upright is widely used with most side-to-side roll tarp systems.  This aluminum upright is a common tarp stop replacement upright for the complete Kwik-Lock™ Easy-Off Tarp Stop (SKU 400044).

Used to keep your open rolled tarp off the edge of your trailer and tarp bows, Kwik-Lock™ uprights are made from high quality cast aluminum.

Choose between our Standard 3" Offset and Wide 6" Offset.

A common strategy we see among side-to-side roll tarp systems is having Standard 3" Offset tarp stops for the length of the trailer, and use a Wide 6" Offset tarp stop for the rear stop.  This allows your roll tube to roll further off the back edge of the trailer, allowing for an easier tailgate operation.


  1. Remove the 2 clevis pins and cotter pins from you current tarp stop.
  2. Remove the old upright and insert the new upright in its place.
  3. Re-install the 2 clevis pins and cotter pins and you are set!
Manufacturer : Kwik-Lock