Brumleve Easy Off Tarp Stop Flexible Rubber Upright

Product Description
$ 32.40
  • Hard Rubber
  • Designed for most Roll Tarp Systems
  • Compatible for both Crank and Electric Roll Tarp Systems

Our Brumleve Easy-Off Tarp Stop Flexible Rubber Upright is a component of our Easy Off Tarp Stops which are used to keep your open rolled tarp off the edge of your trailer and tarp bows. Widely used with most side-to-side roll tarp systems, this upright is built from a hard flexible rubber so it bends under stress rather than breaking the stop body out of the trailer sidewall. We recommend using this style of upright if you travel in tight areas or areas with low lying obstacles. Choose between our 3 inch Standard and 6 inch Offset sizes.

Note that this is the Flexible Upright ONLY. This product does not include the Brumleve Tarp Stop Body (TH10455A) or Brumleve® Kwik-Lock® Easy Off Tarp Stop Hardware Kit (TH10456).

If our Flexible Upright is not for you, please click the following link to see our solid cast Aluminum Upright (TH10442A).


  1. Remove the 2 clevis pins and cotter pins from you current tarp stop.
  2. Remove the old upright and insert the new upright in its place.
  3. Re-install the 2 clevis pins and cotter pins and you are set!
Manufacturer : Shur-Co