Brumleve U Clamp with Screw

Product Description
$ 11.70
  • Keep Tarp fastened to Roll Tube
  • Compatible with Tarp Systems using 2 inch Roll Tube
  • Available in 10, 20 or 100-Packs
  • Self-drilling screws included

Our Brumleve U-Clamp Kits are designed to keep your tarp securely fastened to the Roll Tubeon your roll tarp system. Compatible with all roll tarp systems that use a 2 inch diameter roll tube.

Self drilling screws included for installation.


  1. Insert the 2" roll pipe through the pocket on the end of your tarp.
  2. Place a u-clamp on the outside of the tarp pocket and screw the tarp to the roll tube using the included self-drilling screw.
Manufacturer : Brumleve