Quality Replacement Tarp Bows and Parts for Trucks

Whether you drive dump trucks, grain trucks or trailers, you need to have strong truck tarps. The truck tarps are designed to prevent the load from blowing away, getting contaminated or experiencing damage or theft. At Brumleve, we are proud to offer quality truck tarps and replacement tarp bows. Our sturdy products provide you with peace of mind and protection for your cargo.  Read More

Types of Tarp Bows Offered by Brumleve

We offer a variety of tarp bows for truck trailers and dump trucks. Consider our heavy-duty steel tarp bow with elbows. It elevates the tarp above the sides of your truck at the center of the load, allowing water or precipitation to drain off and away from the cargo. The heavy-duty steel can withstand interstate speeds.

Our newest tarp bow from KwikFlex is built from impact-resistant nylon, providing you with the benefits of durability and flexibility. Our most durable tarp bow measures at 100 inches long, allowing you to cut it to specific measurements for whatever trailer you need it to fit.

We also offer standard steel tarp bows with elbows. These are ideal for truck trailers that are lower to the ground or travel at speeds 55 miles per hour or less. Our reinforced steel tarp bows are also a good choice. If you travel on rough roads, they are sturdy and resist vibrations and foul weather. All of our tarp bows are also available as kits. The chained steel tarp bows offer easy adjustment.

Replacement Parts for Tarp Bows

Sometimes, you might only need a replacement part or a few parts to keep your Brumleve truck tarp protecting the cargo on your dump trucks or trailers. You can count on us for replacement parts of all types, including tarp bow brackets, elbow shanks, nylon tarp bows and more. Our hardware and replacement parts are available in aluminum, nylon and steel. Contact us today for more information or to make your order!

Tarp Bows

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