KwikFlex Nylon Tarp Bow / 100 inch **

Product Description
$ 137.70

Our KwikFlex® Tarp Bow is built from impact-resistant nylon rod combining the best of both durability and flexibility. It is engineered to bend and spring back to its original shape if hit solving the problem of bent or broken steel tarp bows caused by loaders.

Measuring 100 inches long, the KwikFlex® Tarp Bow is designed to be cut down to fit your specific trailer width and is compatible with most roll tarp systems.

Nylon tarp bows offer unparalleled durability when it comes to protecting your goods. The use of nylon tarp bows are becoming more common among transport, logistics, and construction companies as they keep tarps on trucks reliably fastened and prevent spills. By pairing up your nylon tarp bow with a nylon tarp, you have a flexible solution that can withstand even tough weather conditions. 

Benefits of Using Nylon Tarp Bows

  • Longevity: Nylon tarp bows can withstand many of the elements that would affect metal or fabric applications, such as rust or mold, outlasting steel and aluminum bows. 
  • Durability: These tarp bows can withstand a number of applications and still retain their shape if hit.
  • Heavy Duty: Nylon is a hardy material, making it suitable for heavy-duty projects such as industrial containment tarps and withstanding high operating temperatures.  

At Brumleve, we offer a wide range of tarp solutions, including nylon. We also assist with heavy-duty hardware and professional installation. Give us a call at 800-937-0058 or send an email to to discuss your options. 

Add our Aluminum or Steel Bow Brackets to make it a complete kit.

See our KwikFlex Installation Guide for help with installation.

See how our KwikFlex® Tarp Bow flexes when a large load of rock is dumped on top.