HH-66 Vinyl Cement

Product Description
$ 24.70

HH-66 Vinyl Cement should be a vital part of your repair kit, as it bonds most types of vinyl or vinyl-coated products and can also be used with metals, wood, rubber and nitrile foam. The versatility of this adhesive extends beyond the type of products it can bond together. A mixture of MEK and acetone, RH-66 can be used in temperatures ranging from -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and in all weather conditions. Because it is also waterproof, this adhesive is particularly helpful when you need to repair inflatable watercraft, outdoor equipment or tarps.

The cornerstone of our tarp repair kit, the HH-66 Vinyl Cement is the perfect solution for quick and easy repairs of small holes in your tarp; essential for proper maintenance and a long-lasting tarp.

You can purchase extra HH-66 Vinyl adhesive as extra coverage for a Brumleve Tarp Repair Kit and have it on hand in the event you need to patch a hole or tear in your truck's roll tarp. 

Please note: HH-66 is not compatible with tarps made of polypropylene or polyethylene, and the adhesive can yellow when exposed to sunlight.

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