Flatbed Replacement Tarp

Product Description
$ 479.70

Our Flatbed Replacement Tarps come in two different sizes: 16 ft by 27 ft and 24 ft by 27 ft. You also have the option of flaps or no flaps.

The tarp itself is made of heavy-duty polyethylene that is tear resistant, waterproof, flexible and mold proof. This is the perfect replacement for your worn out tarps. Our design process is driven and goal oriented to provide the longest lasting replacement for your tarping needs.

At Brumleve Industries, our flatbed tarps are designed to provide maximum protection against ultraviolet rays, water, wind and other outdoor elements. Reinforced edges and grommets make for easy installation and tie-down for hauling and transportation. Made with highly durable materials that provide long-lasting performance, the tarps are also perfect for construction sites, agricultural use and outdoor storage.

We offer tarp fasteners and maintenance and care tips to ensure you get the best out of our products. Shop with us today, and enjoy the convenience of our doorstep delivery.

Manufacturer : Brumleve

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