Brumleve Tarp Repair Kit

Product Description
$ 31.20
  • Repair your tarp quickly
  • 30 x 30 inch Vinyl Coated Polyester Patch
  • 8 oz HH-66 Vinyl Cement
  • Choose from Black, Gray, Blue, and Red colors

Repair small holes in your tarp in minutes with our Brumleve Tarp Repair Kit. This complete kit includes 8 oz of HH-66 Vinyl Cement and a 30 inch x 30 inch square of vinyl-coated polyester.

Drivers across the trucking industry know that your tarp to protect items from the elements on a run, no matter the length, can take a lot of wear and tear. Use this vinyl tarp repair kit instead of replacing the tarp when you happen to get a hole or tear.

Preparing the Tarp

Inspect your truck tarp regularly for damage. By performing a repair at the first sign of damage, the job will be quicker and easier. Once you see a spot that needs fixing, clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. While the area dries, cut a vinyl patch from the repair kit to cover the damaged area. Make sure that it is at least one inch larger with no sharp edges, as stated before.

Completing the Tarp Repair

Place vinyl cement on the entire underside of the patch and on the top side of the tarp where the repair will occur. Wait two to five minutes and then place the patch on top of the tarp and secure it. Let the repair set for at least eight hours before using the tarp.

Through years of tarp repair experience, we recommend cutting rounded corner patches. Rounded corners glue down better and are harder to peel back off.

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