Replacement Trailer Tarp Stops

Whether you're driving your dump truck on a windy day or you need to take your trailer on a state route or an interstate highway, you need a durable tarp system. At Brumleve, we make tarp system parts and replacement tarp stops so that you can stay on the road. Our quality products are made to resist sunlight, wind, rain, ice, sleet, hail, snow and automotive fluids. No matter what type of trap stop or replacement part you need, we're ready to help.  Read More

Replacement Tarp Stops

Tarp stops keep your tarp in place when you transport a load. The movement of air past your truck and trailer creates a force of wind that would otherwise blow the tarp off, leaving the cargo exposed. Our heavy-duty tarp stops are designed to replace an old piece that may have rusted or broken. Choose from our Kwik-Lock series of tarp stops, which feature aluminum or steel construction. We have easy-off and standard styles available. The complete tarp stops come already assembled, and all you need to do is install it. We also offer hardware kits for easy and fast installation.

Replacement Parts for Tarp Stops

When all you need is a replacement part for your tarp stop, we have you covered. Our nylon tarp stop sleeves increase the durability and lifespan of your tarp stops. The nylon naturally resists rust and corrosion, and it won't peel, fade or crack from the sun or sub-freezing temperatures. Our steel pipe clamps keep the uprights in place. We also offer steel easy-off tarp stop bodies to mount onto the trailer.

If you're in need of replacement hardware for your tarp stops, we sell kits that include two clevis pins and two locking cotter pins. These facilitate the release of the truck's tailgate. Contact our team at Brumleve for more information or place your order online today!

Tarp Stops

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