Trailer End Caps for Tarp Systems

When you haul loose items, end caps for your trailer are critical. They work with your tarp system to protect your truck's load, whether you have a dump trailer or drive grain trucks. Our roll tarp and end cap accessories save you money, time, and effort.  Read More

End Cap Products Offered by Brumleve

Enjoy a low-maintenance roll tarp system when you select our side-to-side end cap. Our options include front-end and rear-end caps. We also have vents and edge caps for the end caps. Both styles feature a deep trough and durable seal. The watertight lip on both styles of our end caps prevents moisture and humidity from getting to the products you're hauling.

How Our Replacement Parts Protect Materials

Our side-to-side end caps are ideal for ensuring adequate airflow for grain trucks so the grain won't mold or spoil. Our end caps also stop product from spilling when you drive over a rough road, speed bumps, or other obstacles. The end caps offer excellent protection whether your truck is in motion or parked in a garage, parking lot, or warehouse.

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End Caps

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Aluminum Rear End Cap

Tarp Hardware

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Aluminum Front End Cap

Tarp Hardware

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