The Benefits of Investing in an Electric Tarp System for Your Truck

There are several good reasons to pay a little extra for an electric tarp kit.

First, after a quick and easy installation, a tarp system with mounting brackets will help reduce strain and injuries for truckers. That's a significant benefit, because truckers can't afford to lose time on the road nursing a problem that results primarily from lack of planning and investment. Truck companies that want their drivers to stay will always take the steps to ensure their employees are safe.  Read More

Not only does a tarp system protect the trucker's health, but it also secures the load from flying debris. Eliminate the chance of damaging a valuable cargo load and, instead, make more safe trips. Reducing the risk of damage makes your product and service more competitive.

Using a Roll-Rite system and Rite-Touch technology attached to a door opening, truckers can cover heaped loads fast. Not only that, but they can also do it without risk of hurting their arms, which is excellent.

And if that's not good enough news, using a tarp system also speeds up the process of loading and unloading, often resulting in increased profits.

Electric Tarp System

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12V DC Reversing Solenoid

Electric Tarp System

$ 143.80
Female Plug Mount Bracket

Electric Tarp System

$ 14.80
14 AWG Electrical Wire - 20 feet

Electric Tarp System

$ 50.00