ShurLink Pro Remote Cradle, Cable, and Charger

Product Description
$ 64.75

The ShurLink Pro Remote Cradle, Cable, and Charger package includes all the necessary components to revive your ShurLink Pro Remote. With this kit, you can ensure that your remote is up and running efficiently once again. It comprises a convenient charger, a specifically designed charging cable, and a versatile cradle.

It is crucial to note that this exclusive cradle is not suitable for use with the Smart 2 system. It's essential to keep this compatibility limitation in mind while making your purchase decision. Shur-Co, the manufacturer, halted the production of the Smart 2 system in June 2024. Hence, this product is solely compatible with the ShurLink Pro Remote, providing you with a reliable charging and storage solution.

By opting for this comprehensive kit, you won't have to worry about sourcing each component individually, saving you time and effort. The charger included ensures a swift and efficient charging experience, allowing you to seamlessly power up your ShurLink Pro Remote. The accompanying charging cable has been specifically designed to work optimally with this remote, providing a secure and reliable connection.

The cradle's versatility allows you to conveniently store your ShurLink Pro Remote when not in use, keeping it safe and easily accessible whenever you need it. Invest in the ShurLink Pro Remote Cradle, Cable, and Charger package to regain the full functionality of your ShurLink Pro Remote, ensuring a seamless user experience without compatibility concerns.

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