Roll-Rite One-Touch Amp Sensing Relay

Product Description
$ 625.00

An important component of our Roll-Rite Side-to-Side Electric Tarp System, the Roll-Rite One-Touch Relay with amp sensing technology allows you to open and close your side-to-side roll tarp automatically with one touch of a button. When paired with the Rite-Touch RF Controller with Key Fob (SKU ES10705A), the result is a completely wired and wireless control of your side-to-side roll tarp system.

This Roll-Rite One-Touch Relay is an upgraded version of the standard Roll-Rite Rite-Touch Relay (SKU ES10706) which requires you to press and hold the button to open and close your tarp.

Please note that the Roll-Rite One-Touch Relay is not compatible with front-to-back and accordian style tarp systems.

View our Instruction Videos below:

How To Program a Single Remote

How To Program a Multiple Remotes

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