ProTrap 250 Hopper Motor

Product Description
$ 1,023.00

The best 1-2 punch in trailer automation! Pair your 4500 HD Series Electric Tarp System with the ProTrap Electric Hopper. It safely slides hopper doors open and closed with the touch of a button while you stay back, out of the dust.

The ProTraps all-metal gears and housing are designed to handle the hard stops, with a high-efficiency planetary gear reduction and breaker circuit at the battery to protect your motor. It eliminates the need for unreliable limit switches that are easily damaged going through the field or by harsh road conditions.

Actual torque varies based on wire size, length and battery voltage; our motors are sized to protect your trailer components. The 150 low-torque motor is standard for trailers with strap-style traps; the 250 motor is for rack-and-pinion traps.

Key Features

  • All-Metal Gear Motor
  • Automatic Brake (Holds Door)
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • 1-Bolt Manual Changeover
  • Master Disconnect Switch
  • SMARTwire Sealed Harness - Our patented SMARTwires sealed connections make installation easy no additional wire stripping or crimping of connections required. The SMARTwire harness has molded rubber connectors and automotive silicone seals, precision-machined brass pins and sockets and dual 6-gauge wire.
Manufacturer : Shur-Co

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