Brumleve® Kwik-Lock® Spring-loaded Crank Retainer Conversion Kit

Product Description
$ 20.60

This Spring-loaded Crank Retainer Kit is part of Brumleve® Kwik-Lock® tried and true manual tarp system. This versatile and customizable conversion kit will modify your original crank bracket for the locking and securing mechanism of the crank.

The Spring-loaded mechanism reduces complexity of design by eliminating pin and cable hassles, making it easy for you to install.

The 8 piece kit contains the following parts:

1 – Offset J-Hook Crank Retainer

1 – Offset Pin less Crank Retainer Base Plate

2 – Self-Tapping Screws

1 - Clevis pin 5/16” x 1-3/4”

1 – Bowtie Cotter Pin 1-3/8”

1 – Tension Spring

1 – Offset Pin less Crank Retainer Lock

Manufacturer : Brumleve Kwik-Lock