Brumleve Kwik-Lock Easy Off Tarp Stop Assembled **

Product Description
$ 23.30
  • Complete Assembly
  • Designed for most Roll Tarp Systems
  • Choose between our 3 inch Standard and 6 inch Offset
  • Choose Plated Steel or Stainless Steel Bracket

When you have some stuff to move or store, tarp stops are a great help. Our aluminum tarp stop is set up in a way for easy-off release, so it's simple and fast to replace your tarp whenever it wears out.

Easy On and Off

Our company's aluminum offset tarp stops are easy to set up and remove. This tarp stop assembly replaces complicated systems that are more challenging to put on and take off by yourself. Overall, the easy on and off capability provides you with a more convenient experience in your everyday work, leading to a more efficient process and a reduction in labor required.

Protect Items From the Elements

The aluminum upright of the tarp stop protects your products from exposure to precipitation, wind, and direct sunlight. The tarp stop assembly also prevents birds or critters from leaving droppings on the items you're hauling.

Cover Items With Unusual Shapes

Our tarp stop assembly makes it easy for you to cover large, bulky, and unusually shaped items on your truck bed. Whether you're moving industrial equipment, a race car, or logs, our tarp stops are available in sizes for all applications.

Our Brumleve Kwik-Lock Assembled Easy-Off Tarp Stop is widely used with most side-to-side roll tarp systems to keep your open rolled tarp off the edge of your trailer and tarp bows. Each are assembled here in the USA and built to last.

A common strategy we see among side-to-side roll tarp systems is having 3 inch Standard tarp stops for the length of the trailer, and using a 6 inch Offset tarp stop for the rear stop. This allows your roll tube to roll further off the back edge of the trailer, allowing for an easier tailgate operation.

Recommendation: Choose the Stainless Steel Bracket type if installing on trailers that haul fertilizer. This eliminates the tarp stops from rusting.

Complete Assembly includes:

  • (1) Brumleve Kwik-Lock Aluminum Upright
  • (1) Tarp Stop Body
  • (2) Clevis Pins with Cotter Pins