Brumleve® Wind Strap - (2 Pack)

Product Description
$ 49.90 $ 79.99

Experience ultimate wind protection for your roll tarp system with Brumleve® Wind Straps, designed to conquer even the strongest gusts. These innovative straps are the solution to preventing roll tarp turbulence. Engineered from moisture-resistant polyester with a robust stretch membrane, our wind straps maintain their flexibility and provide seamless tarp contact, ensuring longevity.

The dual-grommet design effortlessly caters to both 96-inch and 102-inch trailer widths, enhancing their versatility. Tailored to your needs, we recommend installing 2 to 4 Brumleve® Wind Straps based on your trailer length and typical wind exposure.

Key Features

  • Textured Polyester Webbing: Resilient and moisture-resistant for prolonged use.
  • Dual-Grommet Ends: Universally adaptable to 96" and 102" trailer widths.
  • Complete Mounting Hardware: Hassle-free installation.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Simplifying setup for maximum efficiency.
  • The 2 pack includes: 2 wind straps, installation hardware, and installation instructions

Choose Brumleve® Wind Straps for a reliable, safe, and secure solution against wind-induced tarp havoc. Elevate your cargo protection today.