Brumleve® Manual Override Complete Rear Arm Kit

Product Description
$ 999.00

Introducing our groundbreaking Brumleve® Roll-Rite® Manual Override Complete Rear Arm Kit, designed in-house specifically for Roll-Rite end-dump tarp systems. In response to overwhelming customer demand for a failsafe solution, we at Brumleve have developed an innovative kit that seamlessly transitions your Roll-Rite electric tarp system from electrical to manual crank control in a matter of minutes. Experience unparalleled ease with our quick and user-friendly installation process. Ensuring smooth and reliable operation when you need it most.

The manual override complete rear arm kit includes the following:

  • Flex arm cable assembly with a precision-engineered u-joint and spline shaft
  • One Inner Mounting Bracket
  • One Outer Mounting Bracket
  • One Five Spring Pivot Pin
  • One Pivot Tube Base Arm
  • Five Spiral Torsion Springs

At Brumleve, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Should you have any issues or questions, our dedicated team is available to provide support and guidance. Elevate your Roll-Rite® electric tarp system today with the Brumleve® Roll-Rite® Manual Override Complete Rear Arm Kit - your ultimate peace of mind solution.