Tarp Bow Elbow / Shank

Product Description
$ 11.90

Our Tarp Bow Shanks / Elbows are compatible with all of our Steel Tarp Bows including the Standard, Heavy Duty, Super Duty, and Reinforced models.  Engineered with 3/4" steel rod, our elbows easily slide in and out of the bow brackets to allow for quick install and removal without tools.


  • (1) Tarp Bow Shank / Elbow


A Set Screw is usually installed on one end of the tarp bow to allow for the following length adjustments using our elbows:

  • 1-4" inches with our 8 inch Standard Elbows
  • 1-8" inches with our 12 inch Long Elbows


  1. Weld one elbow on the end without the Set Screw.  Keep at least 4" inches of the elbow inside the tarp bow for strength support.
  2. Insert the other elbow/shank and use the Set Screw to adjust the length.  Tighten the Set Screw when properly fitted.  Keep at least 4" inches of the elbow/shank inside the tarp bow for strength support.