Tarp Systems

Brumleve Tarp System

Upgrade your Kwik-Lock or Manual Crank system to the newest in Electric Tarp Systems. As a partner of Aero, Shurco, and RollRite, Brumleve provides the complete solution.

Dump Trailer

Roll-Rite STS Series

Power your Tarp System with the Roll-Rite STS Rite-Lock Dual Arm Power Kit featuring the TarpStretcher motor and Multi-Flex rear arm.

Hopper Bottom

Shurco 4500 Series HD

Power your Tarp System with the Shurco 4500 HD motor featuring the SMART2 Remote. Include the ProTrap Hopper Opener Kit for a complete power solution!

Cover your load with a custom fitted tarp designed and made on-site using the highest quality of 22 oz nylon material.

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Replacement Parts and Hardware

Whether you are looking to install an electric tarp system on a new truck, retrofit your current truck, or find replacement parts for your system, Brumleve Industries is the place to go. When it comes to electric tarp systems, our professionals get the job done right, on time, and with the right attitude. With over 100 years of experience, our company has a history of serving the agriculture and trucking industries in Effingham County with top quality products and friendly service.

On-site Trailer Tarp Manufacturing

At Brumleve, we personally manufacture the tarps for all the electric tarp systems that we install or ship. Manufacturing trailer tarps in-house allows for a better lead time for our customers – saving you time and money. It also allows us to preserve the quality of the trailer tarps on all of our electric tarp systems.

Durable, Attractive Tarps

Brumleve Trailer Tarp

Brumleve trailer tarps are made of thick, durable vinyl-coated nylon and come in a variety of colors. Instead of choosing material that could wear out in two to three years, our American-made 18 oz. or 22 oz. nylon offers about five years of protection. In addition to using durable tarp material, each of our trailer tarps has strong, weatherproofed seams that are heat-sealed to prolong the life of the tarp. Any hardware we use in our electric tarp systems will also be resistant to rust so that handling goes smoothly. You will notice that our tarps are simple to secure because we use functional designs that promote driver safety and protection of your load.

Need Replacement Parts?

Brumleve Industries repairs and constructs replacement trailer tarps and hardware for existing electric tarp systems. As an Authorized Dealer for Shur-Co, Roll-Rite, and Aero Industries, we offer a complete line of parts and accessories. Our trained service department has the skill and experience to put your current electric tarp system back in tip-top condition.

Protect Your Cargo Today

Whatever the size of your trailer, we can cover your load. For top quality in electric tarp systems in Effingham County choose Brumleve Industries. Contact us online, or call 800-937-0058. To learn more about our other products and services, please visit our pages on aluminum boxes, trailer liners, crank systems, awnings, metal fabrication, raw metal supply and hardware.

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