ShurLink EZR™ Remote Transmitter

Product Description
$ 143.75

The all new ShurLink™ WIRELESS SYSTEM, offered exclusively from Shur-Co®, introduces innovative, new properties while retaining your favorite features from its predecessor, the SMARTransmitter® series. ShurLink™ Wireless System is replacing the SMART2™ and SMART3™ remote with two new remotes (TX’s), the ShurLink EZR™ and ShurLink PRO™.

Based on the most advanced industrial version of Bluetooth technology, ShurLink™ delivers greater reliability and range. The EZR™ and PRO continue to offer Shur-Co’s best-in-class Express operation allowing for the simple single-touch control you have become accustomed to.

The ShurLink™ system introduces two new water-tight receiver (RX) enclosures and two new remotes. ShurLink™ utilizes a single communication platform for all devices allowing the new family of receivers and remotes to conveniently operate nearly every application.

A new phone app brings the ability for customization and configuration to your ShurLink™ system. The app will be available for both iOS and Android.

EZR™, PRO, and the app all use the same ShurLink™ Wireless System making it easy to mix and match any combination of remotes, the app, and receivers on a single trailer or train.


  • The SMART3™-style remote
  • Low-cost option
  • Simple two-button control
  • Pair up to five receivers/accessories
  • Two AAA batteries that are easily replaceable
  • Longer battery life than SMART3™
  • Longer range than SMART3™
  • Patented lid prevents accidental button operation and powers down remote when closed to preserve battery power
  • No screen display
  • No two-way communication with receivers/accessories

New Style Receiver (RX Enclosures)

Two-Piece solenoid enclosure

  • High-performance plastics with proven cold weather performance
  • Watertight seal integrated into cover piece
  • Unique two-piece cable seal (no more grommets) for easy wiring
  • out back or bottom of enclosure
  • Same mounting hole pattern as previous enclosure design for an easy upgrade

Mini-Module Style Enclosure

  • Receiver (only) enclosure
  • Proven cold weather performance
  • Only slightly wider than old mini-module housing
  • Water resistant
  • New vertical button layout

New ShurLink™ APP

  • Customize your device and operation descriptions
  • Adjust stall torque, opening and closing
  • Express mode, enable and disable
  • Adjust timed lockout
  • View your RX’s total run-time
  • Available on iOS and Android


Operation Type Hand Held Remote Hand Held Remote Hand Held Remote Hand Held Remote
Operation Tech SMARTech™ ShurLink™ Tech SMARTech™ ShurLink™ Tech
Wireless Operation Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Range <100 Feet Up to 150 Feet <100 Feet Up to 150 Feet
Wireless Two-Way Communication No No Yes Yes
Precision Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Connected Devices 5 5 100 30
Power Source Two AAA
Lithium Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Battery Charging Cradle No No Yes Yes
Digital Display No No Yes, B&W Yes, Colored
Ability to Name Devices Sticker Only Sticker Only w/Digital Display w/Digital Display
Ability to Reorder Paired Device List No No Yes Yes
Current/Active Device ID  Yes Yes Yes, w/Status Bar Yes, w/Status Bar
 Backlit Digital Display No No Yes Yes
 Sealed Control Box Yes Yes Yes Yes
Utilizes SMARTwire™ Connections Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Protective Flip-Style Cover Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Buttons Protected by Cover Yes Yes Yes (Key) Yes
 Any Button Emergency Shut-Off Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Interference by Competing Remote No Yes No No

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