KwikFlex™ Tarp Bow Kit with Steel Brackets

Product Description
$ 117.99

Our KwikFlex™ Tarp Bow Kit with Steel Bow Brackets contains our NEWEST tarp bow combining the best of both durability and flexibility. Made from high strength nylon, the KwikFlex™ Tarp Bow is engineered to bend and spring back to its original shape if it is hit solving the issue of bent or broken steel tarp bows caused by loaders.  It is 100" in length and can be cut down and used for most roll tarp applications.

Choose between Aluminum or Plated Steel Bow Brackets.


  • (1) KwikFlex™ Tarp Bow (100" length)
  • (2) Plated Steel Bow Brackets
Manufacturer : KwikFlex