Cab Wiring Kit Complete

Product Description
$ 279.00

The Cab Wiring Kit Complete has everything necessary to make trailer cab wiring easy. 


  1. RDCC Kit (2V DC Reversing Solenoid, 50 Amp Breaker and Rocker Switch)
  2. 20 ft of 14 AWG Wire
  3. 20 ft of 6 AWG Wire
  4. (4) Ring Terminal Connectors
  5. Choose (1) of Male or Female Plug w/ Vertical or Horizontal Pins

The Cab Wiring Kit is used in utility trailer tarps, pickup truck tarp systems and more. It is compatible with Roll-Rite® Grain Trailer Tarp Systems, Roll-Rite® Side to Side Tarp Systems, and Aero® PowerLock® Tarp Systems.

Manufacturer : Brumleve

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