Aluminum Box

Custom Aluminum Boxes

Building custom aluminum boxes is one of our unique specialties at Brumleve Industries. Different than your standard size aluminum box manufacturers, we concentrate on custom sizes. Whatever size, shape or function, Brumleve Industries will work with you to create the aluminum storage solution to fit your needs.


The only thing standard about our custom aluminum boxes is the Brumleve dedication to quality. We believe your end product should look great and function well. That is why Brumleve Industries is committed to building containers that are:

  • Durable - Using heavy duty, rust-resistant .125 gauge aluminum for the container and continuous aluminum for the door hinges, each of our custom aluminum boxes will provide years of protection.
  • Waterproof - Featuring solid welded seams and a rubber gasket seal, our containers are sure to keep your cargo clean and dry.
  • Practical - Each of our custom aluminum boxes comes with mounting brackets inside the box for easy installation and maximum visual appeal.