Gustbuster Tarp Cord

Product Description
$ 105.00

Designed by Shur-Co, our GustBuster® Tarp Cords feature an innovative design keep your roll tarp from flipping in the wind and taking you with it! Made of moisture-resistant polyester with a durable stretch membrane, GustBuster® Tarp Cords stay flexible over time and maintain smooth uniform contact with the tarp for better wear.

The dual-grommet design accommodates 96 inch and 102 inch trailer widths.

We recommend installing between 2 and 4 GustBuster® Tarp Cords depending on the length of your trailer and wind conditions you are exposed to.


  • Textured Polyester Webbing 
  • Dual-Grommet Ends
  • Complete Mounting Hardware
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Manufacturer : Shur-Co