Almost every professional truck driver is concerned about keeping their cargo protected from the elements until they reach their destination. Their responsibility is to ensure that the load gets to where it is intended unaltered and in the best condition. For lumber haulers, this is especially important since wood is susceptible to rot and disease if left unshielded. Find out more about lumber tarps for flatbed trailers and why you should choose Brumleve Industries for all your tarping system and replacement part needs.  Read More

What Are Lumber Tarps?

Lumber tarps are flatbed truck tarp systems specifically designed to cover and protect lumber cargo from elements like snow, rain, and road debris during transportation. Lumber tarps are made from vinyl, and most of them come fitted with drop-flap used to cover the back of the cargo.

Benefits of Lumber Tarps


One benefit of lumber tarps over steel tarps is that they’re relatively larger, meaning that you can use the former to cover a wide variety of loads. This is very helpful, especially when you’re transporting tall or long stacks of a given type of cargo, such as wood.

More Adjustable

A great thing about lumber tarps is that they’re adjustable. Since there are about three rows of D-rings, you can easily heighten or shorten the lumber tarps to secure your cargo better. This feature comes in handy when you’re transporting cargo in different sizes.

How to Use Lumber Tarps

If you want to use lumber tarps to cover your cargo effectively, you need to take your time and understand your tarp. You need to learn about the factors that affect the quality rating or grade of a lumber tarp. You also need to know how to fold and store your lumber tarps properly.

It’s essential that you know how to match lumber tarps with the correct tie downs and repair them well. If you follow all these tips when caring for your lumber tarps, they’re bound to serve you for longer.

If you need the best lumber tarps, contact us today at Brumleve Industries and let us cater to your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the tarping systems industry, and our lumber tarps are made from the most durable fabric with Kwik-Lock technology to ensure that your lumber cargo stays protected for the long haul. Click here to find a list of quality replacement parts for all types of tarp systems.

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