What Is a Flatbed Side Kit?

Side kits come in three different configurations:

  • Flatbed side kits – These fit multiple bed styles, attach securely to the side rails, and provide a quick and easy way for access.

  • Hook and loop side kits – These are a low-cost option for securing tarps while still allowing adequate access.

  • Side rail caddy tarps – These are constructed from heavy-duty vinyl with Velcro® slots for attaching tie-down chains or cables.

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What Are Flatbed Side Kit Tarps?

Flatbed side kit tarps are an innovative alternative to roll tarps. They're a quick and easy way to gain access to cargo without having to remove or loosen the tarps covering it.

What Kind of Hardware Comes With the Brumleve Tarp System?

The Brumleve tarp system is entirely self-contained and includes a variety of hardware types and sizes. Brumleve also offers different approaches to meet the unique needs of each cargo load, trailer, and hauling operation.

How Does It Work?

Brumleve can get installed on most flatbed trailers in less than one hour. The system consists of tarping components mounted directly to the trailer frame. Tarp components are connected by webbing straps, providing a tight fit and easy access to cargo.

Why Cover a Flatbed Trailer's Side Kit With Brumleve Tarping Systems?

Brumleve tarping systems move the tarping function of a flatbed side kit into the trailer itself. When appropriately installed, our tarps keep drivers safe and cargo dry to its destination.

When hauling valuable cargo, keeping it safe and weather-protected is critical. Brumleve's innovative approach to side kit tarping ensures that your shipment will arrive in the same condition as when it left its origin.

It's flexible. Owner-operators and trucking companies can tailor each system to match a customer's load type, size, and configuration. People can also install it on flatbed trailers that aren't side kit equipped.

What are the benefits of the Brumleve tarp system?

  • Reduce owner-operators’ downtime

  • Eliminate access and maintenance costs for drivers and company service technicians

  • Keep cargo in transit safe from inclement weather, damage, and theft

  • Retain cargo revenue potential and extend equipment life

  • Increase profitability, especially during peak season

  • Meet OSHA recommendations, DOT safety requirements, CARB regulations

Brumleve Industries has been a leading tarp system manufacturer, installer, and servicer for over three decades. We develop quality tarps from USA Nylon and Kwik-Lock technology for dump trailers, grain trailers, farm trucks, grain carts, and more. Browse our full line of replacement parts from the most reliable brands here.

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